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1999 Season - "Super Street Performer Cards"

1999 Card Designed by: Big League Cards with Modifications by David Aiken and Jim McCombe
Printed by: Big League Cards
Number of cards in this years series:

This is where it all started. Jim and Dave (cards # 1 and #2) took the existing Big League Cards layout and turned it into something specifically for Street Performers.

Card Number Performer Website Mini Picture of Card
(click on image to see full size version)
1 The Checkerboard Guy Card #1 Minisize
2 The Jim Show! Card #2 Minisize
3 Bill Ferguson Bill Ferguson Card #3 Minisize
4 Flyin' Bob Card #4 Minisize
5 The Cow Guys
Card #5 Minisize
6 John Higby - Yo Yo Man Card #6 Minisize
7 Sheree Vickers Sheree Vickers Card #7 Minisize
8 The Butterfly Man Card #8 Minisize
9 Rex Boyd Card #9 Minisize
10 Shelley Switzer Card #10 Minisize
11 Dick Finkel Dick Finkel Card #11 Minisize
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