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2008 Season

2008 Card Designed by: David Aiken (Based on the 2007 Design by: Hannah Donovan)
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs and know that 100% recycleable products are something that they believe in!)
Number of cards in this years series:

The 2008 Card design was created by David Aiken based on the framing technique developped by Hannah Donovan on the 2007 Trading Cards. This year's framing look/feel was meant to emulated the costuming used by Evil Knievel during his hey day in the 1970s.

Card Number Performer Website Mini Picture of Card
(click on image to see full size version)
1 The Checkerboard Guy Card #1 Minisize
2 Captain Corbin Card #2 Minisize
3 Dan Kirk Card #3 Minisize
4 Micpo the Magician Not Available Card #4 Minisize
5 Doo Doo the Clown Card #5 Minisize
6 Doo Doo Doodles the Clown Card #6 Minisize
7 Fesso the Stunt Clown

Card #7 Minisize
8 The Silly People Card #8 Minisize
9 Brother From Different Mothers Matt -

Alex -
Card #9 Minisize
10 A-Ron the Entertainer Card #10 Minisize
11 Curtis Carlyle Card #11 Minisize
12 Andy Martello Card #12 Minisize
14 Jayna Lee Card #14 Minisize
15 The Edmonton Stiltwalkers Card #15 Minisize
16 Flyin' Bob Card #16 Minisize
17 The Chairmen Card #17 Minisize
18 Jugglemania Card #18 Minisize
19 Mark Hayward Card #19 Minisize
20 Jojo Card #20 Minisize
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