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2010 Season

2010 Card Designed by: David Aiken and Mike Wood
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs and know that 100% recycleable products are something that they believe in!)
Number of cards in this years series:

This year's card is a modern update of the classic sports trading cards of yore. Think late-70s hockey card. They've got everything but the chewing gum stain. They're a little asymmetrical for one thing, which was a trick that helped those old timers hide the fact that their donkey-powered machinery often cut entire sheets of cards completely askew. To keep the whole thing looking like a set, the base colour scheme is white, with navy blue for the details (text, pin stripes etc.). For the accent colour, any shade within the spectrum of visible light is up to the individual player performer to decide. Back in the day O-Pee-Chee used a colour in this way to highlight something other than team affiliation. One year, all the defensemen got a green outline, and the rookies all got pink. Good times... Through the combination of the "MWHCR" (Mike Wood's Hockey Card Rules) and "DANFPP" (David Aiken's Ninety Fiver Percent Perfectionism) we seem to come up with some pretty great looking cards!

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Aaron Burnett Aarond Burnett Minisize
Captain Corbin Captain Corbin Minisize
The Checkerboard Guy cbg Minisize
Cowboy Buck
Elizabeth & Peter Cowboy Buck Minisize
Dan Kirk Dan Kirk Minisize
Doo Doo the Clown Doo Doo Minisize
Doo Doo Doodles the Clown Doodles Minisize
Flyin' Bob Flyin' Bob Minisize
Jojo Jo Jo Minisize
Mark Haward Flyin' Bob Minisize
The Recycle Cycle Flyin' Bob Minisize
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