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2012 Season

2012 Card Designed by: David Aiken and Mike Wood
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs and know that 100% recycleable products are something that they believe in!)
Number of cards in this years series:

This year's design takes it's cues from two different sources vintage Topps Baseball Cards. First, front of the card is a nod to the 1974 Topps deisgn. For the back layout Mike thought that 1980 design lent itself well to our purposes and actually sent me a 1980 Rickey Henderson card, which I was able to take several cues from and create a version that complimented the front design. As always there is still tons of room for the stats and fun that the Super Star Performer Cards have become known for. A little inspiration from 1974, and a bit from 1980 and you get a combination that's awesomely 'vintage baseball.' A last acknowledgement to my friend Dane MacKendrick who suggested the images spill out past the traditional border... Not all performers will opt for this addtional effect, but for those that do, the 3D effect will help ensure even more fun for the 2012 season!

Website Mini Picture of Card
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The Checkerboard Guy cbg Minisize
Cowboy Buck, Elizabeth & Peter Cowboy Buck Minisize
Daniel Steep's Agri-Magic Show Daniel Steep Minisize
Dan Kirk Dan Kirk Minisize
Doo Doo Doodles The Clown Doodles Minisize
Doo Doo The Clown DooDoo Minisize
Equilibrium Circus - Paz Paz Minisize
Equilibrium Circus - Leah Leah Minisize
Equilibrium Circus Equilibrium Minisize
JoJo The Clown Jojo Minisize
Matt Baker Matt Baker Minisize
Mysterion Mysterion Minisize
Queenie Queenie Minisize
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