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2013 Season

2013 Card Designed by: David Aiken and Mike Wood
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs and know that 100% recycleable products are something that they believe in!)
Number of cards in this years series:

This year's design takes it's cues from the 1972 Bobby Orr Trading Card from Topps. For the back layout I tried to keep the look/feel of the front of the card going while still leaving room for an autograph box and plenty of room for stats. This year's card's '2013 Season' reference is one of the most stubtle to date and infact including the year is completely optional, so if those who order would rather not include a year so the cards don't date themselves quite as quickly (which has been a frequent request) the design can easily accommodate this request.

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The Checkerboard Guy cbg Minisize
Dan Kirk Dan Kirk Minisize
Doo Doo the Clown Doo Doo the Clown Minisize
Feets of Fire Feets of Fire Minisize
Matt Baker Matt Baker Minisize
Niels Duinker Niels Duinker Minisize
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