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"Super Star Rookie Cards"

Rookie Card Designed by: Ryan Lawrie (with input from David Aiken)
Printed by: East Van Graphics (Check out their deals for all of your printing needs)

Around about the time the 2002 season cards were being ordered "Flyin' Bob" Palmer said, "Hey, we should create a design for "Rookie Cards". It took almost two years to get things sorted out, designed and created, but the Rookie Cards are now a permanent part of the Super Star Performer Cards line-up.

Year Performer Website Mini Picture of Card
(click on image to see full size version)
1983 David Aiken (later to become "The Checkerboard Guy") 1983 Rookie Card Minisize
1986 David Aiken ~ The Checkerboard Guy 1986 Rookie Card Minisize
1989 Mark Hayward 1983 Rookie Card Minisize
2005 Corrie Cunningham 1983 Rookie Card Minisize
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